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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Girl Ghost @ Oakdale Cemetery

We spend a lot of time out at Oakdale doing research and taking pictures.  We were in the newer section of the cemetery researching some people.  I noticed a little girl, really a toddler with blond hair, white bow in her hair, dressed in a pink dress with black leather shoes looking away from me back toward a car parked on the other side of a section of graves.  I didn't think much of it assuming she belonged to the people in the other car. I looked away and then back and realized that she was gone. It gave me an odd feeling so I went over the the lady in the other car and ask her where knew where the child had gone.  She gave me a very odd look and drove off.  It still gives me chills remembering how I felt when I walked over to where I had seen the child and found this head stone. Our Beloved Daughter born 1954-1955

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  1. I was wondering if there was any information on a grave I came across last momth when I was there. Thr grave appeared freshly covered, yet it had hoof prints in the dirt. But the prrxon died years ago, so why does the grave look freshly covered? I have pics of this. If you have any information,